Allegations Of Child Abuse, Negligence And Maltreatment

In Minnesota, accusations of physical or sexual abuse, neglect or maltreatment of a child carry more than just serious legal consequences, but also damaging effects on your personal relationships, your profession, as well as your reputation in the local community.

Serious Criminal Charges Require A Serious Response

I'm attorney Eric Anderson of Anderson Defense, and I help defend parents, guardians, foster parents and others throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro who have been accused of child abuse, neglect, maltreatment as well as domestic violence and other violent crimes.

With experience handling cases as a public defender as well as in the private sector, I know firsthand how seriously the state views these cases. However, there are times when people are wrongfully accused of child abuse either by someone in the home or even the child.

For example, if you're going through a divorce, your spouse may accuse you of hitting your children or pick a fight with you in front of the kids. When the police respond to a domestic violence call or social services is alerted to potential child abuse, your children may be removed, you could be kicked out of the house and when it comes to custody, you may be denied access to your children. In some cases, a parent may even tell children what to say to social services and others to portray you as an abuser.

Some of the most serious cases involve accusations of sexual abuse or molestation. These allegations carry an incredibly negative social stigma that can follow you for years, even if you are cleared of the charges.

I'm Here To Help You — Not Judge You

I understand that you're likely frustrated and angry at your spouse or other person who accused you of abuse or violence in the home. When facing accusations, it's important to respond in kind with legal representation.

As your lawyer, I'll listen to your side of what happened. I will gather evidence and testimony, attempt to mitigate harmful exposure, and see that you are treated fairly. Depending on the circumstances, we can look for opportunities to disprove the allegations, have the charges reduced, and ultimately pursue a strategy that protects your rights, reputation and relationship with your children.

Accused Of Child Abuse Or Domestic Violence? It's Time To Call A Lawyer.

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