Maltreatment And Disqualification: Defend Your License And Your Career

Whether you are a licensed child care provider in Minneapolis, a nurse, a teacher in a Twin Cities school district or are in another position where you are entrusted with the care of children or vulnerable adults, if you are accused of maltreatment, you may face the revocation of your license, the subsequent loss of your job and other disciplinary actions.

Protect Yourself And Your License With Help From A Local Defense Lawyer

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) takes accusations of maltreatment very seriously. If DHS receives a complaint, they will carry out an investigation, review your license and in some cases, bring criminal charges.

When you come under scrutiny from DHS, social workers or other regulatory boards or agencies, it's important to respond with the help of an attorney. I am Eric Anderson, founder of Anderson Defense. With experience helping clients throughout the Twin Cities metro protect their licenses and stand up to accusations of professional misconduct, maltreatment as well as criminal charges.

The sooner we get started, the better the chances of resolving your case quickly and quietly. I will review your case, explain what you're up against as well as your options going forward. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to get ahead of the investigation and resolve issues before the disciplinary hearing. We can also look to reach a plea agreement if criminal charges are filed. Ultimately, we will look at the evidence — if there is insufficient evidence, we can likely avoid a hearing or other legal action.

Regardless of whether you have just learned about the accusations or you have been contacted by DHS or others, there's no reason to try to resolve these issues without legal counsel.

Falsely Accused Of Child Abuse Or Maltreatment? It's Time To Hire A Lawyer.

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