Are You Facing Disciplinary Action Or Threats To Your Nursing License?

Nurses are employed by hospitals, clinics and other health care organizations, but those employers do not provide total protection for a nurse's professional license. That is something individual nurses must maintain and protect themselves by adhering to professional licensure regulations.

A failure to participate in required ongoing education programs or the failure to uphold standards of practice can result in disciplinary action from the Minnesota Board of Nursing, ultimately jeopardizing their careers.

If you are a nurse or other medical professional who is accused of wrongdoing, it is up to you to protect yourself. Experienced MN defense counsel may be necessary to get the results you need. Contact my office to set up a free consultation.

An Experienced Minneapolis Area Attorney Handling Nursing License Defense

As the founder of Anderson Defense in Minneapolis, I, attorney Eric Anderson, help nurses and other health care professionals defend against serious accusations and disciplinary action from the Minnesota Board of Nursing. I am a lawyer who handles a wide range of nursing license cases, including those that involve accusations of:

  • Failure to satisfy requirements for licensure
  • License fraud
  • A criminal conviction that is related to the practice of nursing
  • Failure to perform the duties and practice of a nurse with reasonable skill or safety
  • Unprofessional conduct such as failure to conform to board rules or patient endangerment
  • Unethical conduct such as fraud, deceit or willful disregard for patient or public safety and health
  • Financial misconduct such as obtaining money, property or services that do not reflect reasonable fees for services provided to the patient

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